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Savings Comparison
In House Assistant vs. Virtual Assistant

The chart below shows the real-dollar savings you can realize by partnering with a Virtual Assistant.  

Note: In-House Assistant data does not account for your cost to provide space, office equipment, software, training expenses, and paid non-productive time, such as breaks, lunch hours, personal calls, and water cooler chats.

Full Time with Benefits / Part Time with No Benefits / Virtual Assistance

 % Yrly Sal

 FT In House Assistant

PT In House Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Hourly Rate $20.00$20.00$40.00

Hrs per Week

Hrs per Year 2,0801,040260
Annual Salary $41,600$20,800$10,400
Paid Leave
Legally required
Total Benefit Cost






Annual Compensation

Your Annual Savings$42,640$12,084 

*Data source:  Department of Labor Statistics - June, 2006 (released September 22, 2006)

  • Paid Leave includes vacation, sick leave, holiday, other

  • Insurance includes Life, Health, Short-Term, and Long-Term Disability.

  • Legally required benefits include Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation.

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