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Human Resources Support

Are you an HR professional, starting a business, or managing multiple Virtual Consultants? Then you know how much time and effort is involved in managing the administrative details of Human Resources. 

Virtuoso can help!

Take a look at a sampling of services Virtuoso provides, and contact me to discuss how I can help you develop or streamline your processes.

New Hire
Staff Services
Information Management


  • Develop formal job descriptions for your company, perform research to obtain salary information for job roles in your area.

  • Create and submit employment and project ads, identify Virtual Consultant resources through online services and newspapers.

  • Receive resumes and job bids, perform a cursory review to ensure basic qualifications are met, then forward candidates to you for review.

  • Coordinate scheduling of interviews and necessary travel arrangements for candidates.

  • Prepare and send out offer / rejection letters.

  • Create job application forms.

  • Coordinate pre-employment screenings (background checks, drug and alcohol screenings, employment and educational reference checks) with your preferred screening service, or provide you with information about available resources.

  • Obtain necessary disclosure forms and agreements to be reviewed, completed and returned by the candidate prior to their start date.

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New Hires

  • Help keep you compliant with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA) by managing the reporting of all newly hired employees.

  • Develop new hire welcome packages that include benefits enrollment, company, and required tax forms.

  • Create and provide to new hires your company overview presentations, employee manuals, and/or set-up Virtual Consultants to begin providing service to you.

  • Add employee information into database, set up and maintain employee file(s).

  • Obtain completed insurance enrollment forms and provide to insurance broker and payroll administrator for processing.

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Staff Services

  • Coordinate projects or duties handled by Virtual Consultants and report statuses on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Act as the go-to person for your employees in disseminating your company's policies, providing forms.

  • Develop company newsletters and other employee communication media.

  • Develop employee surveys and track results, providing feedback  to management.

  • Coordinate open enrollment for employees

  • Develop employee manuals, policies and procedures.

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Information Management

  • Track performance reviews, notify when due, track merit increases and bonuses against your budget.

  • Develop time tracking systems so employees can enter their time for reporting purposes, enabling you to identify how time is spent.

  • Create and manage time tracking and Performance Management databases.

  • Develop procedures and management reporting solutions to measure against productivity goals.

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Your Virtual Assistant can handle all your HR Support functions



NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® designated Real Estate Professional Assistant (REPA)

IVAA Certified Real Estate Support Specialist


            Lisa Morgan
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