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Benefits of Partnering with a Virtual Assistant

Achieve balance in your work and family life by partnering with a Virtual Assistant!Business owners who partner with a Virtual Assistant find they not only save money and time, but also gain the benefit of having an administrative expert on their team who will be able to serve as a sounding board, anticipate your business needs, identify resources, and make suggestions to help you reach your business goals.

How much money can you save? Take a look at this Savings Comparison to give you an idea of real-dollar savings to you then take a look at some of the other benefits you'll realize in partnering with a Virtual Assistant:

Expertise - Administrative Support is my business and my passion.  I've spent many years honing my skills, and dedicate a lot of time keeping up on the newest technology and what works (and doesn't!) in the business so you don't have to!

Commitment to You - Rather than managing an employee who views their work for you as a "job", you're partnering with a business owner who's not only dedicated to getting to know you, your clients and your business, but has a vested interest in the success of your business.

100% Productivity - You won't pay for time spent on breaks, lunch hours, personal calls, seasonal and temporary slow periods. You pay only for time spent on-task.

Freedom - Work from any location whether from your office, your home, while traveling or even on vacation. Your Virtual Assistant is always accessible to you.

Availability - Most Virtual Assistants are not bound to working traditional office hours, and many offer weekend availability. When you need help, we're available to you.

Cost Effective - Your Virtual Assistant can provide nearly all of the same services (and oftentimes more) as an on-site assistant at a fraction of the cost! This Savings Comparison


Low Overhead - You won't have to provide office space, furniture, phone lines, computer equipment,  software or training for staff.


No Paid Time Off - You won't pay for vacation, sick leave, holiday and personal time, nor need to provide health, life and disability insurance.


No Payroll Administration - No employee federal, state and local taxes on income, as well as the cost to administer deductions of these amounts, 401K, and Workers' Compensation

No Employee Regulations - Because a Virtual Assistant is a self-employed contractor, compliance with federal employment regulations such as Unemployment Compensation, Fair Labor and OSHA is not required.

No Temp Agency Hassles - Forego exorbitant temporary staffing agency fees, and the uncertainty of knowing who'll be working with you and whether they're skilled professionals (not to mention whether that same person will be available the next time you need them!).

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® designated Real Estate Professional Assistant

IVAA Certified Real Estate Support Specialist
Lisa Morgan
Verification #05-11-60128

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